Trishuli River Rafting

Trip Days
1 Days
Max. Elevation
650 M

Trip Overview

When you talk about River Rafting in Nepal, you will get to hear about Trishuli River Rafting. Trishuli River originates at the lap of Gosaikunda in the Langtang region. Gosaikunda is one of many holy places in Nepal. There is a saying in ancient stories, Gosaikunda was the home of lord Shiva, and Trishuli flows through the indentation made by Shiva’s Trishul (Trident). Trishuli’s water is a glacial water of Gosaikunda considered pure and holy wherever it flows through.

Trishuli River Rafting’s starting point is only 80 Kilometers away from the Kathmandu Valley and easily accessible from Pokhara and Chitwan. Trishuli River Rafting could be a perfect excursion day out in your Nepal Retreat or Nepal Yoga Retreat. Rafting in Nepal is exhilarating yet safe in Nepal. Rafts guides are well-trained and professional in Rafting sites. Trishuli River is popular because of Rafting among tourists. Trishuli River offers the best experience for you with its thrilling speed, beautiful gorges, and soft glides somewhere.

You will reach the site only in two hours of easy drive from Kathmandu to Malekhu then hike down to River. Rafting is an incredible experience over the cool and vibrant Trishuli River. River Rafting is a perfect sport of choice for adventure lovers. You will also get a chance to dive and swim in the cool water of Trishuli. You will literally feel recharged at the end of your trip. You will have a short hike up to the resort and have our lunch and then return back to Kathmandu. If you want to do River Rafting along with our other package we can customize the itinerary for you.



Day 01: Trishuli River Rafting

Your Hotel to Malekhu

You will be picked up from your hotel around 6:30 am in the morning. You can have an early breakfast at your hotel if you wish. we will reach Malekhu around 8:30 am. We will have one quick break of fifteen minutes and we will get to see the agricultural fields, river, and green hills en route to Malekhu.


we will be on the River for approximately three to four hours. We will get a Raft guide per boat, and he/she will give brief instructions about what to do and what not to do during rafting. The guide will also teach us how to use the paddle, how to self and another rescue in case of emergency, and many more. Our guide will remind us where to use the paddle and in which direction. We can rest our paddle and peacefully glide through the river in a few spots as instructed by the raft guide. If somebody is interested in diving the guide will carry us to a safe spot to dive.

It will be an exuberant, fun, and memorable rafting memory for us. Being close to water brushes away all our stress and mental hustle. We started our rafting from Malekhu and will end at Muglin.


After rafting, we will take off our safety gear and start a short hike toward our resort. We will get a chance to take a quick shower at the resort. We then will have our previously ordered menu for the lunch. Nepal’s traditional lunch is Nepal Khana Set, you can enjoy the warm and delicious Nepali Khana.

Return Kathmandu

After lunch, we will be seated on our bus and ride toward Kathmandu. On your left can see just rafted Trishuli River freely flowing south. Your trip back will not be boring with many things to see on the way.


What’s Included?

  • Transportation to and from your hotel
  • Transportation to River rafting starting point and from End point to Kathmandu
  • Delicious Lunch after Rafting
  • Government Taxes

What’s Excluded?

  • Your travel insurance
  • Your hotel stay in Kathmandu
  • Any tips to guide or drivers

Fixed Departure

start date end date availability  
8 May, 2024 8 May, 2024 OPEN book now
18 May, 2024 18 May, 2024 OPEN book now

Useful Info

  • Wear comfortable swimming gear or any light clothing
  • As it will be sunny, it’s better to wear proper cloth to prevent sunburn
  • You can use sunblock beforehand
  • It’s not recommended to carry your valuables like mobile phones and watches



What is so special about Trishuli River Rafting?

Trishuli River Rafting very popular destination among adventure lovers. Its exciting gorges, thrilling speed, and green and peaceful sceneries make Trishuli rafting so special. The river’s water is glacial from the Langtang Himalayan range and directly flowed down from the Gosaikunda.

Is Kayaking and Rafting Same?

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